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Camden Passage Market (not Camden Market)

While the name is confusing for many, Camden Passage Market is located in Islington and is not connected to the more commonly known Camden Market.  Camden Passage is a pedestrian alley built along the backs of the house of Upper Street in 1767.  An antiques market, initially started in the 1960s, is held here on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  The market has a wide array of dealers offering vintage clothing, art, jewellery, clocks, furniture and other collectibles.  The market claims approximately 200 dealers are located within the shops, arcades and Georgian buildings.  While generally in decline (350 dealers at its height) the activity on Weds and Sat still makes it a worthwhile place to visit during those times.  Enjoy it while it still exists.  Arrive early for the best selection and most activity.  On days other than Weds and Sat, some dealers may be open or willing to open but the area will seem very quiet.

Location: Camden Passage (located parallel to Upper Street, between Duncan and Charlton Streets).

Closest Tube: Angel

One comment on “Camden Passage Market (not Camden Market)

  1. Boozedude
    August 22, 2012

    I think that London’s markets names can be very confusing, Especially for tourists! Even Londoners seem to be confused when it comes to Camden. I reckon that most don’t realise that Camden is made up of multiple markets…

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