A Short List of Fresh Ideas

Since there are many posts in here for viewers to look at, the site has been made sortable by borough and by type of attraction / site.  But often its nice to have a short-list.  The goal of this list is to expose the viewer to some of the more unique places within this resource - and it will be changed periodically.  London offers so much more than the typical tourist sites that I hope this list stimulates some new journeys and discoveries.

- Go walking in the River Thames on a mudlarking nature walk: http://wp.me/p2r6no-iP

- The Saatchi Galley - a great alternative to the Tate Modern: http://wp.me/p2r6no-9N

- St. Stephen Walbrook - an smaller alternative to St. Paul’s: http://wp.me/p2r6no-4t

- Forty Hall - a wonderful short-trip out of the centre of London: http://wp.me/p2r6no-2b

- Banqueting House - a missed gem near Parliament: http://wp.me/p2r6no-4N

- Ace Cafe - if you are a petrolhead: http://wp.me/p2r6no-3n

- Wetlands Centre - for a pleasant walk and wildlife viewing near central London: http://wp.me/p2r6no-3G

- Village Underground Arts Complex - for true new art: http://wp.me/p2r6no-3S

- The Albion Pub - a country pub in London: http://wp.me/p2r6no-3K

1 thought on “A Short List of Fresh Ideas”

  1. Some great ideas thanks

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