London Unveiled is searchable by category or Borough.  Including the City of London there are 33 boroughs.  If you would like to explore what a particular borough has to offer then select that link from the ‘Category’ section on the home screen.  If you are more interested in a topically category, such as historic buildings or Pubs of Interest then select that link.

In addition to the primary categories, you will find some key words that you can click on that provide an even narrower focus, such as ‘American London’, or ‘tea’.

You may also register your email with the site so that you are notified of new postings.  To register your email input it as directed on the home screen widget.

I hope you enjoy the resources here as much as I do posting them.  If you have any ideas or suggestions to improve this resource for others please let me know.

4 thoughts on “HOW TO USE ~ READ THIS FIRST”

  1. So glad I found you….or rather, that you found me! Thank you for a wonderfully informative site…… I’ll use it to plan my next visit to London.

  2. Loving your site more all the time!

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