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About the Author

ianBaby.jpgThank you for reading  As author, creator and blogger for this website, I thought a little background may be of interest.  I was born in Exeter, Devon.  Shortly after this my family moved to Edale, Derbyshire at the start of the Pennine Way.  My family lived in Derbyshire for many years.

brocksford days

I attended Brocksford Hall Prep School in Doveridge as a boarder.  I then went to Dean Close (Senior) School in Cheltenham.  Even in those days I loved travelling – going by train on my own between school and home.

For University, I went to the University of California in San Diego – a wonderful location – where I received a B.A.  I obtained my Masters degree from the University of Leicester.

audi racing

Today I enjoy travelling the world with my wife and two children.  But despite having been to many world cities, London is where the heart is.  This is why I choose to write this blog – to help visitors get the most out of this city.

at the studio

Most of my time is spent between London, Norfolk and Los Angeles.   Aside from writing this blog and travelling, I enjoy foodie things, wine, reading and collecting first editions, sports cars and football.


– Ian


25 comments on “About the Author

  1. Nancy
    July 13, 2013

    Saw your comment on rigmover. I will follow your site too. Don’t know if I will ever get back to London due to my age an money but who knows. I have been twice in 78 and 90. Of course no blogs then. I loved London it makes history so fun and real. I live in US. Thanks.

    July 13, 2013

    Hi Nancy: thank you for reading and following my blog. I appreciate it. Even if you can’t get back to London there are lots of ways to enjoy it in absentia. All the best, Ian

  3. Kevin Bennett
    July 28, 2013

    I have nominated you for the “Shine On” Award.
    You can find the information on the below link if you should choose to accept the award.

  4. Dina
    August 19, 2013

    Great blog!, I look forward to see a lot more of your work in the future, especially the Norfolk part as I live there “halftime”. I’m your new follower.
    Greetings from the North

    • Dina
      August 19, 2013

      Ok, now I understand, this is solely about London, that’s fine also! 🙂 London ist that far from Norfolk…

        August 19, 2013

        Hi dina – I spend a lot of time in Norfolk (my mother and brother live there) so maybe there’s a Norfolk blog in my future! All the best, Ian

      • Dina
        August 19, 2013

        Is it allowed to ask whereabout in Norfolk? Far away from Cley next the sea? If you should be in the near please feel welcome to drop in.
        Love Dina

        August 20, 2013

        I often visit Cley – my family lives just south of Fakenham, I enjoy going along the NN coast. If you want to connect less publicly my email is When I’m in the area and have free time I’m always willing to meet fellow bloggers.

      • Dina
        August 20, 2013

        Thank you,Ian. I’ll pass it on to Klausbernd (kbvollmarblog)as well, he lives in Cley permanently.Have a good day.
        Best regards

  5. kbvollmarblog
    August 20, 2013

    Dear Ian,
    well, I like your blog very much und I am the one living permanently in Cley next the Sea, a great place – not only for birdwatchers 😉
    If you are in Cley again you are welcome to come around. From the middle of September Dina is here as well. I live in Rhu-Sila in Church Lane.
    Best regards
    (I am German living in Cley for more than 30 years now)

      August 20, 2013

      Hi Klausbernd – thank you for the offer. I will try to remember next time I am up there! All the best, Ian

  6. Culturefor
    October 28, 2013

    “London is where the heart is”…..absolutely truth!!!!

  7. entdeckeengland
    November 7, 2013

    Hi Ian, what a nice blog. I look forward to follow on your footsteps through London. Best Regards, Peggy

  8. thislittlepiggy
    November 16, 2013

    Thanks for liking my post! Is very encouraging, being new to the blogging world. Am having fun looking through your blog too as afterall, I am still very much a tourist to this city 🙂 Though you will be happy to know that P is from Norwich has already converted me to being a Norwich City fan – OTBC! 🙂 – A

  9. Anna Roberts
    November 28, 2013

    Good morning! I nominated you for the versatile blogger award 🙂 My reasons are here:

  10. Jade
    December 3, 2013

    Hope you don’t mind, but I’ve also nominated you for a blogging award (or two!)

  11. buchpost
    December 4, 2013

    What a great blog. Ages ago I spent a year in London as an “assistant teacher” and we’re planning to spend a holiday there – but my husband and I are still arguing what might be the best season for going there. So in the meantime I’m looking forward to your posts 🙂 Anna

      December 5, 2013

      There’s no such thing as a bad season… it truly is a four season city and there are unique things to do and enjoy during each one. All the best, Ian

  12. Ryan
    August 13, 2014

    Thanks for following me! Great blog, London is one of my favorite cities!

  13. Tom
    February 17, 2015

    Hi Ian. Is it possible to contribute to this blog? I have an idea for a post about swimming in London

      February 18, 2015

      Tom, you are welcome to email or post ideas for the blog to me, including potential content. However, at this time I am not accepting guest blog posts. Sincerely, Ian.

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