Top Ten

The following “Top 10″ are the 10 most popular articles on this site to date.  I have also listed my “Ignored 5″ - five articles I think readers should take a look at for something different.  If you have a favourite that you think should be here, let me know:  Email: [email protected]

Please note that is sortable by borough and by type of attraction / site.  This functionality is found on the left side of the home screen.  All the articles are about places in Greater London that offer so much more than the typical tourist sites.  I hope this list stimulates some new journeys and discoveries.  Just click on the links!

- Courthouse Hotel - a former magistrates court, where you can have drinks in the cells, and dine in the courtroom.

- Duke’s Bar - where Ian Fleming created Bond’s martini.

- Regent Sound Studio & Denmark Street - London’s Tin Pan Alley and birthplace of modern music.

- Croydon Airport Visitor Centre - where Lindberg landed after his first trans-atlantic solo flight.

- Cockpit Steps - a London oddity with a ghost story.

- Sydenham Hill Wood - the only remnant of the Great North Wood.

- Shepherd Market - a hidden “village” in London.

- Go walking in the River Thames on a mudlarking nature walk.

- Ace Cafe - if you are a petrolhead.

- Three Mills Island - a most unique location in East London.

Five more to explore… the ignored!

- Alfie’s Antiques market - a great vintage shopping destination.

- St. Mary’s Woolnoth - a wonderful Hawksmoor Church.

- Charlton Peace Garden - a calming sanctuary.

- Fitzroy Tavern - a literary landmark and the birthplace of ‘Fitzrovia’.

- Jermyn Street Theatre - the smallest in the West End.

10 thoughts on “Top Ten”

  1. Some great ideas thanks

  2. great ideas. you might want to look here for your No 10! sure you will find it :)

  3. Inspiring, I have to get back there!

  4. Thanks ~ you just added nine more things to my “must see” before leaving London ;) Actually, I’ve been wanting to go to the Banqueting Hall for awhile now so I’ll do that then walk through Shepherd Bush. Two birds and all…

  5. I lived in London for 15 years, but knew only five of these. Your blog would have been a wonderful resource at the time!

  6. I do love a top 10 (well, top any number, really). thanks for this great selection.

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