The Hunterian Museum and Archives is located within the Royal College of Surgeons at Lincoln’s Inn Fields in London.  The museum is free, and open Tuesday through Saturday (10-5).  It contains over 3500 specimins from over 500 species that have been collected from all over the world.  The core of the exhibit was the collection of John Hunter, a Scottish surgeon from the 18th century.  He was an early pioneer in the use of observation and scientific methodology in medicine.  The specimins in the collection were used as teaching aids.  Hands on exhibits illustrate some of the modern surgical techniques.  A small art collection highlights ailments and conditions faced by humans over the years.  Also at this location is a shop.  Exhibitions and events change throughout the year - check their website for more details:

Located at: 35-43 Lincoln Inn’s Field.  Closest tube: Holborn.