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I have just updated the Top Ten List page at the top of the home page.  These are the 10 most popular articles on this site to date.  I have also listed my “Ignored 5″ - five articles I think readers should take a look at for something different.  If you have a favourite that you think should be here, let me know.  

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Courthouse Hotel - a former magistrates court, where you can have drinks in the cells, and dine in the courtroom.

Duke’s Bar - where Ian Fleming created Bond’s martini.

Regent Sound Studio & Denmark Street - London’s Tin Pan Alley and birthplace of modern music.

Croydon Airport Visitor Centre - where Lindberg landed after his first trans-atlantic solo flight.

Cockpit Steps - a London oddity with a ghost story.

Sydenham Hill Wood - the only remnant of the Great North Wood.

Shepherd Market - a hidden “village” in London.

- Go walking in the River Thames on a mudlarking nature walk.

Ace Cafe - if you are a petrolhead.

Three Mills Island - a most unique location in East London.

Five more to explore… the ignored!

Alfie’s Antiques market - a great vintage shopping destination.

St. Mary’s Woolnoth - a wonderful Hawksmoor Church.

Charlton Peace Garden - a calming sanctuary.

Fitzroy Tavern - a literary landmark and the birthplace of ‘Fitzrovia’.

Jermyn Street Theatre - the smallest in the West End.